Spiral Family Tree

I love to find new ways to visualize my family tree.  The standard branching format is very useful for seeing how everyone is related, but sometimes I like to try something different, something more artful.  My newest crafty family tree creation is easy to make but looks very complicated:  the Spiral Family Tree. What You […]

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PowerPoint Family Tree on a Digital Picture Frame

I have found the perfect melding of modern technology and old-fashioned genealogy:  a PowerPoint family tree on a digital picture frame! Do I sound super dorky now?  I am what I am, so I’ll just go with my dorky self on this one.  Here’s the deal.  I have worked really hard to get as many […]

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Genealogist’s Signature Bag

I could spend hours looking through old documents- census forms, vital records, muster rolls.  But when I find a document with a signature, I get a special little thrill.  Seeing the autograph of one of my ancestors makes my heart flutter.  A real person wrote that, and that real person is one of my people!  […]

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Genealogy at the Dinner Table: Map plates

Thanksgiving is several months away, but I am already thinking about it, because I want to create a special family tree focus for my table.  To start, I am working on a set of map plates to use as chargers in my place settings.  Each plate will have a different map from our family history.  […]

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Celebrate the upcoming election with traditional Election Cake

To celebrate the election, I pulled out my American History Cookbook by Mark H. Zanger.  If you are interested in historical cooking, this cookbook is just amazing.  It is full of original recipes from American history, starting with the pilgrims and Native Americans in the 1600s through the 1970s.  All the recipes are associated with […]

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Beyond the Bisquick Box: The Suffrage Cook Book

I must admit, I am a bit jealous of families that have one of those wonderful, messy cookbooks, passed down from mother to daughter, with notes in the margins and stained from use.  Though I have memories of Thanksgiving dinners with my grandmother, I don’t remember anything particularly unique, and no one taught me anything […]

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Making the original Girl Scout cookies recipe in honor of my Girl Scout ancestor

Not long ago, I was searching through US City Directories on Ancestry.com to see if I could find my grandmother or great-grandparents.  City Directories are wonderful because they provide little details that can turn a name into a person- for example, my great grandmother was listed as a dressmaker in 1897, giving me the address […]

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Bringing Crafty Family Tree back!

Due to some technical difficulties, we lost our Crafty Family Tree.  But we are working to bring it back!  Check in later to see our old stuff back along with some new stuff!    

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